About US

In today's world, the global business environment is designed and implemented around integrated specialized solutions.

Asia Nick Business innovators was established in response to this global trend as a crossroad for professional managers with over three decades of experience.


The board members include:

Chairman: Abolfazl Rahnamaee

Vice Chairman: Kamran Riazee

Board Member: Seyed Hossein Ardehali


Nick’s Mission:

Providing integrated modern solutions in line with developing customers’ business through consulting and professional services and commercialization of new ideas.

Top Chart includes: CEO, Department of Research and Development, Department of Market Development, Department of Finance and Administration

Competitive Advantage: Attention to learning and adaptation of organizational issues in relation to the life cycle (Process Maturity) and selection of the marketing and market research subject professionally based on cause and effect relationship in the organization (Due Diligence)


Nick’s Values:

Faith in God, Altruism, Integrity in action and Honesty, Caring for Human Values, Safekeeping Information and Fairness


Nick’s Beliefs:

Agility, Participation in Idea Generation, widespread Communication, Consistency, Perseverance, diligence and Caring for Environment.


Nick’s Activities:

Marketing Services:

Marketing services include providing new ideas for creative and stylish packaging, idea generation, market positioning, market promotion, international marketing, market field monitoring, market pillars analysis, needs assessment and meeting the needs, various markets evaluation, probe and attraction of sponsorship, design and launch of specialized campaigns, development, design and overseeing the marketing plan, reviewing existing markets, questionnaire design and market assessment, measuring customer satisfaction, design and implementation of customer relationships, business process models analysis, creating innovative communications and business identity simulation. 


Advertising Services:

Think tank for innovative design of advertising campaigns, creative design of visual identities, accessing environmental advertisement network including urban billboards, bus fleet, metro stations, intercity billboards, advertising mock-ups of the urban elements, ceremonial and flying flags, providing promotional gifts for organizations and institutions, designing and supply of attractive crafts, gifts and souvenirs adequate for a variety of domestic and foreign touristic demands, creating innovative ideas.


Organizational Services:

Financial and administrative services, organizational diagnosis, strategic studies and the use of professional personnel for optimization and organizational excellence, holding seminars, conferences and workshops, feasibility analysis and business models evaluation, investment opportunities investigation, due diligence and valuation of stocks, SWOT analysis, competitors analysis, business innovation and creativity, holding recreation programs for all age groups including agencies, organizations, corporations, institutions and schools and supplying products related to tourism, hotels, accommodation facilities and welfare centers.


Nick’s Favorite Business areas:

Utilization of clean and modern energy

Environmental issues and responding to problems of natural environment

Sustainable agriculture and healthy food

Education along with recreation

Supply chain for products and services of domestic and foreign tourism

Commercialization of new ideas

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